Meet Nora Miller

?Nora reached to turn up the volume of the radio. The words from the song didn?t do their job of distracting her mind from replaying memories. Instead, they seemed to amplify them. In a way, moving was causing Nora to grieve as she did her best to let go of the past and grab ahold of the future.?

Nora is the newest resident of Kingsman, Oregon. After moving her Alzheimer?s-afflicted father into Green Acres Senior Living, Nora settles into her new apartment located in the woods at the edge of town. Her new landlords claim that a deceased family member haunts the property, but Nora doesn?t believe in all that supernatural mumbo-jumbo. She believes in what she can see, what science can prove. The recent loss of her mother and the illness of her father have fractured this guarded twenty-seven-year-old, creating just enough pain and denial to make her the perfect target. The evil lurking in Deape Woods evokes and feeds off fear?and it?s just waiting to make its next move.