Prudence O'Haire

Prudence O?Haire is a quirky woman with a lot of passion and creativity wrapped up in a tiny package with big hair and big ideas. A wife and a mother of two girls and two boys, she loves to write and enjoys infusing truth, wisdom, and humor into one bag.

Prudence and her family live in the Pacific Northwest and enjoy the four seasons of the year?but fall is her favorite. She believes that written words are our very souls stamped tangibly for all to absorb and that everyone has a calling whether they are aware of it or not.

Prudence believes we all can learn something from one another and that fear is a driving force that must be squelched daily through God?s power. She believes the truth sets us free, no matter how ugly or unimaginable it can be, and that all of us need to make the effort of going from knowing what others believe to knowing what we believe.